M2 Productions offer a in-house design service for all your individual costume needs.

Designer Cathie Costello has a broad foundation of design having obtained a BA in fashion design at RMIT. She has many years experience within the theatrical industry.

We offer a complete personalized service, including professional design consulting, sketching and assisting you with all the aspects of design through to finished garment.

Whatever you are looking for we are suited to have the resources to turn you inspiration into a reality.

Hire Service

We have a wide range of costumes, props and accessories for professional hire; we specialize in showgirls with exquisite feathers and headwear.

Costumes are available individually or in sets, we also have a range of boots, shoes, chokers, bracelets, gloves, feather fans, hats, canes and costume jewelry.

Please note, these costumes are available to the event and entertainment industry for professional use. We do not hire to the general public.

For more information on these services please email